Revatio Reviews: Stronger Erection Guaranteed

Revatio Reviews

Revatio Reviews: Stronger Erection Guaranteed

Brand: Revatio

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Pfizer

Country of Manufacture: United States (Multinational)

Revatio Package Image

Review and Description

Revatio is a generic medicine that works to eliminate erectile dysfunction. The drug achieves its erectile dysfunction treatment effect through an active compound called sildenafil. Suffering from erectile dysfunction is caused by the action of Phosphodiesterase 5 which reduces the lumen of the penile blood vessels. Revatio functions to inhibit the effect of this enzyme and as a result, it increases dilation of the penile blood vessels. Blood flow to the penis increases thereby resulting to strong and firm erections. Revatio has been evidenced to cause relaxation of muscles and improving the elasticity of blood vessels. Owing to this effect, it can be used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Doses used in the treatment of hypotension should lower compared to doses used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is to prevent hypotension from massive body vasodilation.

Manufactured by a reputable company called Pfizer, its safety, efficacy, and efficiency is not something to be doubted. It can work perfectly without any problem because it is tested and approved for safety before being released to the market. The company is an international pharmaceutical company that has been known for its powerful brands including the acetic acid irrigation and Accuretic brand that have been used worldwide. The company has a state of the art laboratories that has enabled to manufacturer competent drugs used in the treatment of various conditions. Since it produces wonderful and effective products, it has conquered both local and international markets. Most of the drugs from this company have a long shelf life and they work for long before getting metabolized in the body. Every drug from the company is normally tested and taken through efficiency and safety tests to ensure maximum safety and efficiency from it. You need to ensure that you have doctor’s prescription for you to get the drug.

Customer Reviews

The drug has plenty of reviews online. Most of them are positive but some are negative. The first review comes from an anonymous user who complains of the drug has shown no impact on his sexual strength. ‘’unfortunately this drug was no miracle for me’’, he explained saying that it even added more side effects to him than improve his sexual functioning.

A user by the name Vudy from unknown location says the drug was safe for him with no drug interactions A user by the name Vudy from unknown location says the drug was safe for him with no drug interactions

A user by the name Vudy from unknown location says the drug was safe for him with no drug interactions. ‘’ I have used this for a year and a half with no interactions’’ indicating that the drug is fairly safe for him. A user by the name KCCARL says the drug has been working perfectly for him since he started it 2 years ago. ‘’At first, I did get the nasal congestion but now ma fine’’ he explained saying that there are no side effects again. An anonymous user praises the wonderful function of the drug and says, ‘’I have used this drug for a little over year now and it has been wonderful’’.

Pricing and Dosage

Revatio is available in the form of tablets and it is sold in a pack of 90 tablets at a price of $1 314. 81. The drug is a well-functioning and it is long lasting ensuring that every dose taken can last for up to three days. The dose for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is 10mg at the start but you need to have a verifiable doctor’s prescription for you to be given the drug.

It is expensive compared to Viagra because Viagra costs $621 per 10, 100mg tabs

It is expensive compared to Viagra because Viagra costs $621 per 10, 100mg tabs. Since it is among the most effective brands, you need to have doctor’s prescription for you to get it from the stores.

How to Buy Revatio Online

Revatio is not available in the stores, you need to check on other stores but you can check the alternatives of the drug. You should expect to buy Fildena at a price of $1.39 per pill but the price keeps reducing as you increase the quantity of the pack. If you buy 270 pill pack, you will get the pills at a price of $0.69 per pill which is highly affordable compared to Revatio. Besides the product cost, you need to have a shipping fee of $9.95 for Airmail shipping and you need to have $19.95 for EMS shipping.

How to Use

Revatio is in the form of easy to swallow tablets and it comes in 20mg formulations. If you have a dose of 10mg as prescribed by the doctor, break the tablet into two pieces and ensure that you take one piece. Swallow it with water so that it descends to the stomach easily. You need to take it hours before sex so that by the time you start doing sex, it will be actively working in the blood. A single dose can serve you for up to 36 hours, therefore, you should consider reducing the dose as you continue taking the medication.

Side Effects

There are not many side effects of the drug especially when the right dosages are taken. Among the side effects include mild vision problems, hypotension, headaches, and fatigue. The good thing is that these effects diminish as you continue taking the drug because your body adapts to it. When you get nasal congestion, you will easily overcome it because that is when your body is adapting to the changes of taking the drug.

Conclusion with Rating

Revatio sildenafil is among the perfectly manufactured drugs that are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing the size of the penis blood vessels thereby making you acquire maximum blood flow to the penis which in return hardens and prolongs the erection. The drug has been given many positive reviews which means it is a well-functioning drug. Most people have complained of Nasal congestion but they have also elaborated that as they continue to use the drug, the side effects decline. In general, people have reviewed it as competent and safe working drug.

The manufacturer is known both locally and internationally for producing the most competent pharmaceutical brands. Using the highly advanced laboratories and with experienced staff, the company produces the best medications for people to use. Owing to the excellent reputation of the manufacturer and the outstanding reviews from the previous users, it is clear that this is a wonderful drug. Rating it 4 out of 5 is the best. If you have any health complications like hypertension and diabetes or anything that you think might affect the drug, consult a doctor before you start using the medication.

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